September 2008 



The U.S. Navy and U.S. Northern Command that the troops on Monday evacuated over 700 people and their families from their homes in California, after fire trapped the forest fires at the southern state.

Informed sources said that thousands of people have been moved to two camps military residence in each of the Navy "to Ixayd" and "Romana", Southern California, noting that it had been issued orders to all Navy personnel wandered quickly contact rules, to locate distribution, and to reassure the members of their families .

Officials estimated the fire department in California the number of those flames of fire forced them to leave their homes in the "San Diego" alone, about 250 thousand people, while others considered that the fires "much worse" than American officials had feared.

The state authorities had ordered earlier, thousands of residents of areas near the fires raging south of the mandate to quickly evacuated immediately, amid the continuing encroachment of those fires at residential areas to swallow up everything in their path, trees and buildings and cars.

Having seen thousands of private cars and trucks on the road outside the "Ramona" on Sunday morning, carrying thousands of residents fleeing the fire, strong winds which help to spread rapidly in several regions of the state located on the west coast of the United States.

The officials said the California Department of Forestry that at least one person was killed, injured about 13 others Sunday, as a result of fires at the "San Diego yuan