September 2008 



The company to produce liquor in New Zealand a stranger to restore a notebook, stolen from the company's owner, to provide alcohol-free life, those who assisted in finding the organ that contains essential information for commercial activities.

He said the company "Broucher Ryong," Powell Broucher, Friday, that the missing computer contains "all files for funding" in addition to logo design a special new product the company intends to produce soon, as well as specific information to customers.

He added Broucher as saying: "We therefore decided that any persons assisting in the restoration of computer, information or stored it, we would be happy to offer them Adsett (bottles of wine) per month for the rest of their lives", which is worth about 19 thousand and $ 500, according to Estimates of the company.

He explained that the company had received a large number of communications since the start of the announcement of this offer of "dozens of people," who reported that they are carrying out research on the computer in question.

Broucher He expressed optimism that this presentation contribute to the restoration of the stolen computer, expressing at the same time, on expectations that the members of the family of the thief to inform the company's position, as quoted Associated Press.

He added: "We want to restore it," adding that the loss of this computer "is an obstacle ahead in the continuation of our business, which is still limited, since every small problem like this, it is great for us."

The company sells submarine, which is based in the town "Rotor" tourist island in the middle of "North Island", about 160 gallons of liquor produced by the weekly