September 2008 



A French engineer says he may have removed some of the ambiguity surrounding the painting Italian Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci, "Moneliza" or "Gioconda" and specifically answer the question that puzzled those who generations of lovers of painting, which is why a solution eyelashes and eyebrows that Ms. ambiguous smile.

It was announced engineer and inventor Frenchman Pascal Côte at a press conference Wednesday, he revealed conclusive evidence that Leonardo drawing eyelashes and eyebrows of Moneliza already using the high technical quality.

French engineer has designed a personal camera makes some high-quality tissue transparent, allowing vision beneath layers of color.

And identified the detailed version of magnifying the face of twenty times the size of the original, and a blow to hair brushes and a single over Brow ankle.

He said Côte prove his claims in the presence of eyebrows and eyelashes originally "I always say, if there were a single hair of the eyebrows, needle without a doubt that da Vinci drawing in the foundation eyelashes and eyebrows."

He hinted Côte In reply to a query disappearance of the eyebrows and eyelashes from the famous painting, to the possibility of slander Altkhaddib or perhaps an attempt to clean up bad painting.

He said: "If you look carefully you will see in the eye Moneliza clearly that the rift over the eye disappeared slightly, and this could explain that one day, the Secretary of the museum cleaned up or restored eye, and through doing so I still probably eyelashes and eyebrows."

The camera also revealed high accuracy, which he developed and used by the French engineer on several matters related to Palmunaliza photo, infrared Moneliza show that the fingers were left in the position simply different from the final status of the plate.

He said that the reason for the change of status because of Dthar subject in the lap of Mrs. set.

It is noteworthy that on Aldthar become shielded currently due to the passage of time for painting.

He announced happily, "It is in fact the first time that we have this situation of the arm, after Leonardo da Vinci, the painters draw thousands of copies of this situation without knowing why we have this situation in the basis. The real explanation is the condition for keeping the wrist Aldthar around the abdomen .. It is great for Lee, it really a great discovery