September 2008 



Nothing stands in front of science and technology in the twentieth century atheist and, in particular in the conflicts which have become the new information technology stormed.

Perhaps another area where scientists examine is the marriage of the robot and the exchange of marriage covenants, according to a researcher in the field of artificial intelligence, David Levy, professor at the University of Maastricht, the Netherlands, which examines the relationships between humans and robots, which covers the advantages and practices, including marriage, according to What was said by the magazine "Life Science."

Levy said that initially will be in the area of sex with a robot, but he added: "Once you have the story such as' fucking robot, and it was wonderful 'in the magazine such as' Cosme', I expect that many people accept on this matter."

In terms of a historic event

Back the idea of romance between man and our artistic / or creatures mechanism to antiquity, with Greek myth, which dealt with the story of a sculptor "Bgmaliun" in love with the Statue of ivory had finished his sculpture, called "Galatya", granted by Venus life.

The idea has continued in modern times, without being limited to literature, but scientists, who noted 40 years ago that students attracted to "Eliza", a computer program designed to raise questions and simulation psychologists.

Levy said: "A guide robots to become more closely resemble humans, and become more relevant to him."

The researcher in artificial intelligence, saying: "Initially, robots were used for non-personal things, such as factories where they help in the automotive industry; then in office for the distribution of mail or in museums or in the homes of cleaning, such as robots Rumba, and now there are robots games such as dog Ipoh The company Sony, and others. "

In a letter doctorate by Levy, entitled "intimate relations with partners satellites," said the robot "will become more closely resemble humans in terms of appearance and function and personal, so human beings could fall in grain and having sex with him until marriage."

Levy insisted that "love and sex with the robot can not be avoided