July 2008 






Indonesia on Wednesday launched a huge campaign of greening planted during 79 million trees throughout the country by their green and disappearing forests faster than any other world, just before the start of pivotal summit dealing with environmental variables on the island of Bali.

He started Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and members of his government, greening campaign, saying it reflected the extent of Indonesia's strong commitment to preserving the environment "and save the planet."

He added: "Operations of logging is illegal father of our enemies."

And Indonesia lost the equivalent of 300 soccer stadium of green areas, every hour, because of illegal logging, quoting Associated Press.

It also makes mining operations and cutting and burning bush for the preparation of areas suitable for cultivation, Indonesia's largest contributors to global warming threat to our planet.
The Indonesian president warned of the consequences of continuing in this direction which will threaten future generations scarcity of water sources and food.

The Indonesian government says that the water level rise due to the phenomenon of melting ice in the polar regions could jeopardize many of the islands country to the risk of drowning.

She hailed the organizations concerned with the environment afforestation campaign but it lowered the ceiling of success unless the government will promptly issuing laws to Jakarta immediately to stop the deforestation.

This is scheduled to meet leaders of 80 nations on the island of Bali next month to work on developing alternative to the Kyoto treaty, which will work out in 2012.

The events began Tuesday an international scientific conference, organizers hoped would lead to the development of a roadmap leading to the reduction of emission of poisonous gases and greenhouse work at the end of the Kyoto Protocol in 2012