August 2008 




European researchers found the fossils claw Scorpion nautical massive 2.5 meters in length, or about eight feet.

According to the magazine "for a biological Waters", the sample of 390 million year man found in a quarry in Germany.

It is believed that the creature, called the "Jakloptros he lived in a river or swamp.

The team of researchers says that the huge volume of Scorpio suggests that spiders and insects, crabs and other organisms like the larger in the past than previously thought.

The length of claw only 46 cm, which indicates that the author was longer than the size of the common man.

Researchers say that the Scorpio in any event is the longest of any Scorpion nautical Fifty cm at least.
Age carbon

It belongs to a variety of aquatic organisms that are believed to be extinct represent ancestors of modern scorpions ground, and probably similar to other organisms, which includes spiders.

Says Dr. Simon Brady of the University of Bristol in Britain that "the longest Scorpion at the present time is 30 cm long, which shows you how this creature was a giant."

It has this discovery is one of colleagues, Dr. Simon, a Marcos Kuchma and the quarry containing the sludge Fossils of modern carbon is located in an area west of Germany.

Schuman describes the moment of discovery, saying: "I tried Huleileh pieces of rock using reliable when suddenly I realized the existence of an organic body on the newly removed."

He adds tattoo "After some cleaning, I was able to realize that this is a small part of the large claw. Although I did not know whether fully or not I have decided to try to get it