August 2008 


The largest passenger plane landed man, one Airbus A380, in Sydney, coming from Singapore, having completed the first commercial flight had lasted for seven hours.

Arrived passengers who bought their tickets through the website of Charity, Sobergmbo on board an aircraft belonging to Singapore Airlines, which had purchased a number of these aircraft.

The Airbus A380 plane can carry about 850 passengers, but in the journey between Singapore and Sydney carried 450 passengers.

The operation of Airbus A380 end to the hegemony exercised forty years old plane Boeing 747 passenger plane as the biggest in the world.

The new plane had suffered for two years of delays in production due to a number of technical problems, but in this flight took off on time.

He said Lawrence Watts, a passenger flight, the BBC during the flight that the plane is a "phenomenon".

He added, Watts said: "I am now sitting in economy class in the first round of the plane. Amazing thing here is that the segment devoted to the degree of economic plane is divided between the two roles and handed them which is great leap to any passengers."

"Plane itself extremely huge, and spaces are offered by more than anything could imagine. I now see from the plane window and see a suite seem more than any other wing of the plane Conventional