July 2008 






Indonesia on Wednesday launched a huge campaign of greening planted during 79 million trees throughout the country by their green and disappearing forests faster than any other world, just before the start of pivotal summit dealing with environmental variables on the island of Bali.

He started Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and members of his government, greening campaign, saying it reflected the extent of Indonesia's strong commitment to preserving the environment "and save the planet."

He added: "Operations of logging is illegal father of our enemies."

And Indonesia lost the equivalent of 300 soccer stadium of green areas, every hour, because of illegal logging, quoting Associated Press.

It also makes mining operations and cutting and burning bush for the preparation of areas suitable for cultivation, Indonesia's largest contributors to global warming threat to our planet.
The Indonesian president warned of the consequences of continuing in this direction which will threaten future generations scarcity of water sources and food.

The Indonesian government says that the water level rise due to the phenomenon of melting ice in the polar regions could jeopardize many of the islands country to the risk of drowning.

She hailed the organizations concerned with the environment afforestation campaign but it lowered the ceiling of success unless the government will promptly issuing laws to Jakarta immediately to stop the deforestation.

This is scheduled to meet leaders of 80 nations on the island of Bali next month to work on developing alternative to the Kyoto treaty, which will work out in 2012.

The events began Tuesday an international scientific conference, organizers hoped would lead to the development of a roadmap leading to the reduction of emission of poisonous gases and greenhouse work at the end of the Kyoto Protocol in 2012 



July 2008 





A recent economic data showed that the level of inflation in the euro area rose to record levels during the month of November last, in 13 states adopt the single European currency, reaching the level of three per cent, which is the highest rate recorded since put the euro in 2002.

These results and will press the ECB to raise interest on loans to stop the mad rise in prices, at a time when the bank seeks the Federal Reserve to reduce interest rate on the dollar to calm the markets troubled by the secondary mortgage crisis.

The inflation had recorded 2.6 per cent during the month of October last in the euro area, surpassing the 2 per cent set by the ECB in the past.

The agency said the European official statistics, Eurostat, the growth rate during the third quarter of this year has increased at a rate of 2.7 per cent compared to same period last year, after it witnessed the second quarter of the year recession marked.

In the same context, the European Commission said that the measure of consumer confidence dropped significantly in the EU of 27, with increasing concern about the future of European exports whose prices have increased strongly due to the drop in the dollar exchange rate, as quoted by the Associated Press.

This has helped the marked increase in consumer spending hours in the Europeans even absorb the negative consequences of the high value of the euro, but the abuse of EU countries toward the issue has been uneven and clear. 



July 2008 





United States will begin developing a new generation of spy satellites under the new programme of industrial known as BASIC, work will start by the year 2011 at a cost ranging between 2 billion to 4 billion dollars, according to the Associated Press quoted informed sources.

The "basic" as an alternative to the "photographic engineering future - FIA", ambition and high cost, with raises many American officials, legislators and experts questioned the high cost of satellite programs.

The Pentagon has cancelled KEY FIA has spent "National Bureau of the poll" in the program six years, during which billions of dollars spent, in September 2005 after confronting "Boeing" - the initial contractor - many of the technical obstacles to the development of electric SATELLITE - visual electro - optiocal.

The cancellation came after the Pentagon wasted $ 3 billion from the budget of the programme, quoting Alasosteid Press.

The space expert John Peck, director of "Global Skyotri. Jorg" GlobalSecurity.org said: "flagrantly flouted the cost of the programme, FIA did not only delirium."

The Ministry of Defense of America "attitude" are currently preparing a study to determine what the possibilities of satellite images used in the collection of visual information from space about rogue governments and terrorist groups, and training camps.

As used in determining the size of the devastation caused by hurricanes, fires and other natural disasters.

The ministry examined a number of options on "Basic" which is expected to be less ambitious about FIA, including the production of satellite images of a new video, or a copy of the development of commercial satellites, or to purchase or lease one currently operating satellites.

The DigitalGlobe satellite was launched in September capabilities to capture pictures of the body size of 20 inches of space, but it is scheduled for launch another satellite capabilities better able to see objects the size of 16 inches  



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