China's exports stopped the game of children contain poison

August 2008 




Chinese government decided to halt all exports of the game of children following the discovery that the cover of the game contains a poisonous chemical, according to the China news agency Xinhua.

The step comes in the wake of the withdrawal of Chinese authorities in both the United States, Australia and a number of other countries in the world to follow "Indies" and "Aqua COPCO" from the market.

She was accused of being behind the game wounding a number of children infected.

It was reported that Chinese authorities had stockpiles of sealing this game and ordered an investigation.

This incident is the latest scandal in a series of scandals that raised question marks about the quality of Chinese goods.

Reports that 7 children fell sick after the Americans swallowed parts of the game like beads - and discovered that they contained material used in drug-related rapes